Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

It's Saturday morning, I am restless due to lack sleep from the night before. The culprit for this, was I subject to some odd visions and half dreams that were a little outside my circumference.

It was a surreal world similar style to the movie "sin city" super saturated colors and odd people and wilder action.

The scene opens in non- descript house. There are group of people crammed into a small room they're talking and laughing about indiscernible topics wearing half mask akin to the a french court circa 17th century.

The hostess was attired in a stunning blue leather jump suit that accentuated all her assests, she stood very regal surveying her queendom of hedonism, she spot's me. I could sense her willing our souls to communicate, we lock eyes. The connection is magnetic and electric she approaches me, with out a word very gingerly embraces me and starts to caress my cheek,neck, ears.

It shocked my system. I am saying to myself where the hell am I and who is this woman. I immediately answer my own question. Who the hell cares.

Very methodically she starts to nibble my right ear then my neck, working her way down my chest unbuttoning my shirt with her teeth. I am overwhelmed my mind is racing exploring several naughty scenarios which could be played out. I snap back to reality,she is on her knees in front of me with a evil smirk gazing up towards me. (to be continued)