Monday, August 10, 2009

Julie & Julia - A Movie that taught me to dream

I can believe that a movie has completely hijacked my every waking thought... since I've seen it. I am perplexed how this nice little romantic dramedy has caused a stir in nebulous of my soul....The movie simply is a masterpiece of Nora Ephron.

The Seamless narrative the uncanny juxtaposition of character arcs...the humanity and the raw and real unrelenting acceptance persistence and growth of Julie & Julia booth fictional and real. Strikes an emotional cord to a sub- celluar centre.

(Words and intentions have power and weight and if given proper awareness care and implication. I think can change your very molecular psycho - emotional and physiological being. And no I am not some whack out New Age hippie freak.

I digress - This little movie that could and the Characters of Julie & Julie have awaken my dormant super hero and taught me to dream.

Thank YOu !!

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